How to get a Baseball at a game

Being in the bullpen there is one thing that is a constant when you are sitting down there, EVERYONE asking for baseballs. Now there is a proper way to ask for one that will help your chances but not guarantee you anything. If you walk down to the bullpen and start screaming in our ears for a ball, you are going to be met with a mute response 100% of the time. Yes I do know that we have a bag full of baseball’s but what you, the fan, need to understand is that we (the bullpen) are allotted so many baseballs and they get scratched and scuffed extremely easily and when they do they are no good to throw with in the bullpen because they starting diving, cutting, sinking and having a mind of their own and we can’t be using that when we are on the mound warming up for the game.


            We hear all kinds of excuses to get a ball, the most common being “its my birthday” “my kid is too shy to come down and ask for the ball” or the ever “ball ball ball ball ball BALL BALL BALL BALL!!!.” Yes, we hear you and yes we are ignoring you, because I don’t think your parents would like it very much if I walked into your office or wherever they work and started screaming “stapler, stapler, STAPLER!!” in their ear as they are working. Trust me we want to give out baseballs, we don’t care that we have them and we would give every fan who asked for one a souvenir because we do remember being a kid at the game and all we wanted was a ball. I don’t have a physical attachment to these things nor do I care if you have one, but if you walk up to us and just start yelling at us for a ball it automatically ends your chances of a ball.

            So now that I have told you what doesn’t give you a baseball, let me give you some insider secrets about what will up your chances of getting a baseball. If you have a chance, come to batting practice, the hitters are hitting every third pitch over the fence and there is an extreme opportunity for you to get a ball or ten.  Nine times out of ten we do not have very many baseballs in our bag, and we need those to warm up with so we will only give up a ball if we get a foul ball down in the pen. When we do get a ball, we usually look for little kids that will be able to get a souvenir, please do not be a parent and walk down and say “my kid is too shy to come down.” If anything; accompany them down to the pen so we can talk to them, we are a sucker for cute little kids too and we will remember that and try to find them when we get a baseball down our way.

            Please do not have your son or daughter come down and yell at us or scream ball in our ear, if they want a baseball have them come down and kindly ask for a foul ball if we get one down out way and the ALWAYS say please and thank you. You don’t know how many times we get a baseball and we will sit and listen to the crowd and nobody remembers manners when they want a baseball. Sometimes we will just sit and listen for someone to say “Can I have a baseball, please?” and nobody does so we don’t give it out.

            Like I said we don’t have an attachment to any of these baseballs, but there are ways to go about getting one and I hope I have helped you a little bit in getting a souvenir at your next ball game. We are human beings too and we don’t like to be screamed at constantly either!

OH! If you are that guy who walked down to the bullpen with your girlfriend and yelled “BRO BALL ME!” “BALL ME BRO!” “NO SERIOUSLY BRO BALL ME” you have provided us with jokes for the last 100 games, and we thank you.


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  1. Judith

     /  November 12, 2011

    Your post regarding baseball manners reminded me of the time I was walking down 42nd Street on my way to Grand Central Station. I’ve only been to three baseball games in my entire life, so I didn’t recognize the player walking in front of me. What I did recognize was the bad behavior of the fans who were yelling at him as he walked down the street, “You better win!”, in one form or another. I was really shocked by all the rudeness. No one said, “Good luck” or offered any words of encouragement. They just yelled threats. I was getting agitated and I was just walking behind the guy! He however took it all in stride. I thought he was brave walking down the streets of New York alone before a major game!

  2. As fans, we always teach our kids to use their manners when asking for a ball or broken bat.


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