I thought I’ve experienced it all


This photo is just the hotel lobby from the 3rd floor, it is a beautiful lobby   

Looking straight across from the third floor

Down into the lobby

Looking into the gaping hole where there is no more glass, supposedly where the lady committed suicide from the 6th floor, they just never replaced the glass.

      Minor league baseball is full of quirks and anomalies that continually make me shake my head throughout the years. Seeing on-field talent such as Myron Noodleman, Birdzerk, The Zooperstars, and the cowboy monkeys you get a sense that the teams of minor league baseball really try to add in a entertainment and spectacle value into the games. I have been fortunate enough to see all these talents perform at their highest level, and I highly recommend an of them if you ever get a chance to catch a game with them performing. Throughout my 4 1/2 year MiLB I have pretty much seen it all, both at home and the road, but I have to admit this last road trip I had a “first” happen to me.

     Upon arriving to Scranton, PA it seemed just like any other minor league town one that was a little more quiet with nice people, little food choices and a historic past but this town was holding something that a first time visitor like myself was not prepared for, the Radisson Lackawanna.  Here is a description of the hotel from Wikipedia  

          ”The Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, formerly known as the Delaware, Lackawanna and Westrn Railroad Station, is a histoci building in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1908 and widely considrered one of the most beautiful railroad terminals in the east. The buidling was listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places on December 6, 1977.”

So this hotel is extremely old, but absolutely gorgeous when you first walk into it.  Whoever tried to preserve the history of this building did an incredible job with it because it still has original clocks, doors, fountains, stairs, ceilings, walls, floors and pretty much everything else. The team arrives to the hotel, some people scattering in before and after the bus because they chose to ride with wives, girlfriends, fiancés, or family who chose to go on this short trip so there wasn’t much chatter going on about the hotel. Everything goes normal and people load onto the bus just like the last 100 or so times we have this year, but immediately after we get to the field the topic of conversation turns to one that I have again never had in all my years of professional baseball.

            “Hey! You do know this hotel is haunted right?” comes over my right shoulder as I am changing into my BP clothes, and immediately my curiosity is peaked. Pretty soon, half of the team is joining in on stories about how a CF from another team (don’t know the name of course) swore he saw a ghost in his room or how a coach woke up in the middle of the night to his TV being turned off and pushed back into it’s standup dresser. For every guy on the team, there were 2-3 stories to be told per person and although the details seemed to be a little vague and no one knew names it was enough to get the blood going, and we still had 3 more nights in the hotel. For three straight days people came to the field, some a little more sleep-deprived than others, asking if anything happened to a teammate that night and anxious to hear another story.

            Or trainer swore it was a tactic being used by the SWB yanks to get us a little on edge before the series so we weren’t at our best but everyone seemed to believe the stories that were being told, everyone had a little trepidation some more than others. Although nothing major happened during our stay there were a few things and stories that made guys very un easy throughout the stay that I’ll share. 

One of the stories that was told was back during the early days of the hotel a woman found out her husband died while she was in the train station and went up to the sixth floor and jumped off and she hit so hard she cracked the tile flooring and no matter how many times workers tried to repair it, it re-cracked in the same spot so one they just leave it.

Another one is that apparently at night if you go to the sixth floor there is a waiter running around the hallways dressed in his best still serving the patrons of the hotel from beyond the grave. People have witnessed him running by them and when they turn around to see him, he’s vanished.

Third story that creeped everyone out actually happened to a member of our team, although not on this trip. Apparently he came back to the hotel room to his room smelling of fresh flowers so strongly that he couldn’t even walk in. He went down to the front desk to tell the ladies there to please ask the maids to lighten up on the scents to which the front desk lady replied that none of their maids have anything like that. So e proceeded to ask what the smell was and she told him that when it was a train station dead bodies used to be left there for families to pick up and it stunk so bad that people would throw anything that smelt good on them to stop the stench and what he is smelling might be an un wanted visitor.

            I, personally never ran into anything while i was there but I did watch two people ghost hunt around the lobby for about 30 minutes before I had to catch the bus, and one of my teammates swore that after a game his girlfriend and he were sitting and chatting in the lobby and we watched a glass slowly slide across their table and crash onto the ground with no one around it or touching it. So take it for what you will believers and non but this was something that was most definitely a first for me and I had a lot of fun with it.

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