This is one of two articles I am going to write this week. I was inspired to write this piece by a friend of mine and a video on you tube that I watch quite frequently that I have linked at the bottom. It hit very close to me when I started thinking about it, so naturally I just wrote!

                As my close friends and family know, the things that go through my head on a daily basis very widely and can be quite scary at times (haha). But the thing I started thinking about today is “If I had one last speech to give to someone before I passed away, what would the topic be on?” And what I settled on was being told no.

                Everyone in their lifetime at some point or another has been told “no” to something, albeit something small or significant everyone has been told this small, yet powerful word multiple times in their life but the question I raise is do you have to listen to it all the time?  I remember being in grade school and having an elementary school teacher and we had to do a project on jobs where we researched them thoroughly. I remember being all excited to turn mine in about being a professional baseball player, and she made me re-do my research paper because she told me I needed to pick a job that would be realistic. Now she wasn’t some mean teacher, in fact she is one of my favorite of all time but in her own way she was telling me “no.” I can’t tell you along the way the amount of people that have recited me the statistics about major league baseball, or the people that still do to this day but I just smile and nod and go about my business.

                Where would Bill Gates be if he listened to the people telling him he was crazy? What about Einstein? Trump? Any President?  Someone has to be in these positions, and nine times out of ten it’s a tough struggle to be where you want to be if you want to be something of prominence. Where I am going with this is; too many times I hear stories of people that say Well if I…. or What if I….. and I ask you why not? Too many times people are so worried about the destination that you forget that ¾ of the journey is getting there and enjoying that path. Life is a journey and I feel people, myself included, get so caught up in where they want to be they forget to enjoy the moment they were in and then they look back and go “wow, where did the time go?”  I sometimes get so caught up in living my dream of playing in the MLB that I forget to sit back and enjoy being on a baseball diamond, the smell of fresh cut grass, the uniform, and the smile on the kids faces watching us play.  Life like anything is too short, and the question that I have posed to myself and to you, my reader, is why not? I feel like people come up with a multitude of excuses as to why they cannot do something so they can rationalize their actions and give an excuse to not venturing out but I feel that’s what life is truly about. Life experiences make the best stories, and no-one has ever had a good story where they couldn’t do something it all starts with a risk, a “yes”, a belief in one’s self, and a willingness to try.

                I do understand there are responsibilities in this world, and certain things that all people must do. I am not sitting here trying to convince you to sell all your worldly possessions and go live in the outback what I am posing is before you say no to something; step back and think of the reasons why you should you never know you just might end up with a great story to tell later! After all if I listened to all the people who told me that no-one wanted to read about a minor league baseball player, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Sometimes people tell you no, hoping they will be proved wrong.

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