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I started writing a diary, a few years back when I was with the Texas Rangers and I was fortunate enough that esteemed Texas Rangers writer, Jamey Newberg offered me a weekly/bi-weekly segment in his email. I loved being able to connect with the fans on a personal level and share with them the experiences that not many people know about. When people think about professional athletes they think of high price steaks, Hilton hotels, and pricey cars. My blog delves into a world that not many people know about, that is, the world of the minor league baseball player. These are the guys are trying to get on TV, make that big contract, and play the game we only envisioned about in our backyards. Please come with me on a journey to the backfield, the place in spring training that no-one seems to venture too, because we are that “player to be named later” that one day you whose name you won’t forget.

On this page I will write about the various aspects of minor league baseball; or the things that go on in my life that I think you might be interested in as I journey to the “big show” myself. there are going to be things I cannot talk about that are just private matters; things that happen in the clubhouse and other matters the Nationals, MLB, and MiLB tell me I can’t write about, but I will try to give you the most accurate account of what life is like down here “on the farm” and what we do to survive to play this very game we love for a shot at the ultimate prize. Stay Tuned!

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